Conservatory cleaning

One of the largest and most popular investments a home owner is likely to make in extending and improving the value of their home is to add a conservatory.

Unfortunately, after only a few years that beautiful conservatory can start to lose it’s fresh appearance and begin to look shabby instead of an asset. So it stands to reason that keeping it clean and looking it’s best is an essential part of maintaining the value and appearance of your home. It is recommended that a conservatory roof should be cleaned at regular intervals, normally every four - six months to maintain that brand new look.

Upon your request we can clean the exterior of your conservatory, including the conservatory roof, at specified intervals, or as a one-off clean:

How we Work

When cleaning conservatory roofs we use a specialised mild detergent and soft brushes, this is then rinse with 100% pure water, the pure water works by absorbing the dirt partials aiding the cleaning process and leaving your conservatory glistening.

We do not use ladders to clean conservatory roofs so no damage is done to glass or delicate rail work and we do not use pressure washers that can cause extensive damage. But for your peace of mind we carry a £1,000,000 liability Insurance.

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