Upvc cleaning

One UPVC is marketed as maintenance free, but if UPVC is not cleaned regularly the surface starts to degrade and it starts to become a dull off white/grey, also over time deposits of algae (an unsightly green colour),are left on the UPVC making your UPVC look tired and in need of replacing. It is recommended that UPVC should be clean at least once a year to stop this degrading.

Our UPVC cleaning service can restore soffits, gutters, fascias and cladding to pristine condition, which in turn will help increase their life span and keep the exterior of your property in tip-top condition.

Pure Clear Windows use their specialised equipment and 100% pure water to clean the UPVC as strong cleaners can strip the plastic and take off the shine. You can be confident that we can produce excellent results with our experience and knowledge.

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